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2 <-> 6
2016 - 2019

Walter Stach


Visual-artistic dialogue with Julia Maurer. From 2016 untilo 2019 images were produced collaboratively, through the process of exchange.

Maurer, Stach: 2 <-> 6. Since 2016
Walter Stach / Marcus Neustetter: Gredler I – IV. 2016

Gredler I – IV

Marcus Neustetter and Walter Stach: digital-dialogue. Since 2013

since 2013

Visual-artistic long-distance dialogue with Marcus Neustetter (Johannesburg / South Africa). Since January 2013 digitally generated and edited images have been produced collaboratively, through the process of internet-based exchange.


2011 - 2012

Visual-artistic long-distance dialogue with Marcus Neustetter (Johannesburg / South Africa). From January 2011 until November 2012 images were produced through the process of an exchange of works via courier.

The Seven Capital Sins

The Seven Capital Sins

mainstreet life

mainstreet life
2011 / 2012

May 2011 / 2012: Stay as Artist in Residence in Mainstreet Life / Johannesburg / South Africa

Walter Stach: The Vermeer Series. 2003 - 2005 / 2018

The Vermeer Series
2003 - 2005 / 2018

Intimacy - Rebellion - Catastrophy

The Brazil Series

The Brazil Series
12 / 2001 - 1 / 2002

"Artista plástico e diretor de um escritório de 'medição de cultura', o austríaco Walter Stach fez do Mosteiro Zen-Budista de Ibaraçu um ateliê perfeito para criar." A Gazeta, 6 de janeiro de 2002

The IO Series

The IO Series

"Nonetheless, Freud was basically right: Art is a great comforter and appeaser; it may well not simply be the source of 'substitute satisfaction', but it is always a correction of life and represents the most valuable compensation for the inadequacy of life." Arnold Hauser, 1974 [Translation: Alexandra Reill, 2012]

The C.D.F. Series

The C.D.F. Series
1998 - 2003

"Hence, the famous Freudian comparison of analysis with the draining of the Zuiderzee is actually missed, still thought too much according to engineering principles, too much in the sense of polemical medicine (disease as an enemy). The former sea never dries – but is it not already much when you have learned to ride on it?" Peter Sloterdijk, 1983 [Translation: Alexandra Reill, 2012]

Walter Stach: The Losinj Series. 1971

The Losinj Series


Individual Works

Walter Stach, Medusa? for F. & K.. 2021

Individual Works (Selection)