Victor Adler. 100. Todestag. Meine Wege
[EN: Victor Adler. 100th Anniversary of Death. My Ways]
Initiation and implementation of a public walk in the 6th and 5th districts of Vienna, along nine adresses / stations relating to the life and work of Victor Adler. In cooperation with Szene Margareten and Verein für Geschichte der ArbeiterInnenbewegung

BRICOLAGE. AGIDS Die Akademie geht in die Schule. Eine fragmentarische Dokumentation
[EN: BRICOLAGE. AGIDS The Academy goes into the School. A Fragmentary Documentation]
Participation in the presentation of the ProjectPublication

Ikarus, Köpfe und andere Botschaften
[EN: Icarus, Heads and Other Messages]
Talk moderation on occasion of the opening of Walter Herrmann's exhibition in the kuoka-offline-store Vienna

zu zweit

[EN: in pairs]
Talk moderation on occasion of the opening of Julia Maurer's and Anna Schmedding's exhibition at the Marketing Department of the Vienna University of Economics and Business


The Dialogue Exhibition
Presentation of selected works out of the artistic long-distance dialogues "courier-dialogue" and "digital-dialogue" held with Marcus Neustetter in The Concept Store / Bull Environment Center, Johannesburg

The Dialogue Performance
Musical-artistic dialogue with Mpho Molikeng and Marcus Neustetter in The Concept Store / Bull Environment Center, Johannesburg

Session with Selibe
Musical-artistic dialogue with Daniel ‚Stompie' Selibe in the Studio Selibe, Johannesburg

Painting performances and presentations on "soccer and art" on occasion of the "2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Russia" in the "School 1329" and the Studio Opara, Moscow


Mural Dialogue
Mural and ground markings in public space in Johannesburg / Maboneng – Place of Light. In collaboration with Mpho Molikeng and Zinhle Nkosi

2 <-> 6
Beginning of the visual-artistic collaboration with Julia Maurer

Start of participation in the production and running of www.kuoka.at

for a collaborative art project on occasion of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
for a visual-artistic dialogue-driven transformation of the games of the UEFA EURO 2016 presented via public screenings in the Vienna City Hall Square
for a memorial to the „Wienerberger ZiegelarbeiterInnen” [EN: "The Brickmakers of Wienerberg"]
for a digitally animated film on Victor Adler


to educate
Symposium of mumok, Vienna. Participation in the roundtable "Zur Geschichte der Kunstvermittlung. Über die politischen Voraussetzungen und die Einflüsse aus der Kunst auf die Kunstvermittlung sowie die methodischen Grundlagen der Kunstvermittlung". [EN: "On the History of Art Mediation. On Political Premisses and the Influences out of Art on Art Mediation and on the Methods of Art Mediation"]. In collaboration with Heiderose Hildebrand et al.
Press release

5 wall paintings and light installations in the framework of the "City of Gold Urban Art Festival 2015" in Johannesburg / Maboneng / Fox Street on the theme of "immigration / Immigration". In collaboration with Marcus Neustetter

Zum Denkmal für die Verfolgten der NS-Militärjustiz in Wien
[EN: On The Memorial to the Victims of Nazi Military Justice in Vienna]
In collaboration with Thomas Geldmacher et al. Ballhausplatz, Vienna

Bildungsgerechtigkeit – Eine Illusion?
[EN: Educational Equality - an Illusion?]
Initiation and participation in the event organized by the Chamber of Labour of Vienna
See Blog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KSmcUyAZwU and/or http://blog.arbeit-wirtschaft.at/video-bildungsgerechtigkeit/

Art mediation project and artwork exhibition. In collaboration with Karin Reinprecht and the Bengal Art Foundation. Bengal Art Gallery, Bengal Art Lounge. Dhaka / Bangladesh


Mit Lisl Ponger und Walter Stach im Gespräch: Kunst als Psychoanalyse – Psychoanalyse als Kunst [.pdf DE]
[EN: To Guest with Lisl Ponger and Walter Stach: Art as Psyhoanalysis – Psychoanalysis as Art]
Participation in the event organized by the Wiener Arbeitskreis für Psychoanalyse [EN: Vienna Workgroup for Psychoanalysis]. In collaboration with August Ruhs et al.

Initiation of the Hugo Gorge memorial plaque at the apartment building in 1060 Vienna, 4, Laimgrubengasse

In cooperation with the Culture Commission of the 6th District of Vienna

Futebol e Arte

Public painting performances and presentations on "Football and Art" on occasion of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in São Paulo (Galeria A7MA, Goethe-Institut) und Brasilia (FIFA Fan Fest Taguatinga, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany). In collaboration with Marcus Neustetter et al.


Beginning of the artistic long-distance dialogue with Marcus Neustetter (Johannesburg / South Africa). Since January 2013, digitally generated and edited images are being produced collaboratively, through the process of internet-based exchange – on the basis of the print image series "courier dialogue".

Das österreichische Bildungssystem. Wege aus der Misere.
[EN: The Austrian Education System. Ways out of Mysery.]
Participation in the discussion panel in the framework of "The Human World 2013" on occasion of the presentation of the doumentary film "#UNIBRENNT – BILDUNGSPROTEST 2.0" [EN: "#UNI BURNING – PROTEST FOR EDUCATION 2.0"] [.pdf DE]. In collaboration with Erich Ribolits et al. Schikaneder Kino. Vienna, 09-12-13

Die Akademie geht in die Schule – Gleichere Chancen durch interkulturelle Bildung
[EN: The Academy Goes into the Schools – Equal Chances Through Intercultural Education]
Participation in the project development and implementation. "Im Rahmen dieses Projektes werden strukturbildende Maßnahmen zur Öffnung der Akademie [der bildenden Künste in Wien] [note W. S.] hinsichtlich jener Studierendengruppen entwickelt und gesetzt, die derzeit an der Akademie unterrepräsentiert sind. Umgesetzt werden Aktivitäten, die SchülerInnen durch möglichst niederschwellige Informationsformate den Zugang zu einem künstlerischen Studium bzw. Studium an einer Kunstuniversität ermöglichen helfen. Langfristiges Ziel ist die Verringerung der Bildungsungleichheit unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Bedeutung interkultureller Bildung." [EN: "In the framework of this project structure-buildung steps regarding an opening of the Academy [of Fine Arts in Vienna – W. S.'s note] towards currently under-represented groups of students are taken. By applying information formats with very low thresholds the project activities undertaken help pupils to gain access to artistic studies and studies at art universities, respectively. The long-term aim is to reduce inequality in education, with a special focus on the impact of intercultural education."] In collaboration with Kunsthalle Wien, KulturKontakt Austria, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich et al. Since 2013
Status September 2016 [.pdf DE]
Bettina Figl: Vom Gemeindebau an die Uni, WIENER ZEITUNG, 07-01-14
[.pdf DE]
Info Sheet
[.pdf DE]


The Seven Capital Sins
Presentation of "Bosch I" and "Bosch II" on occasion of the performance of Thomas Ücel's composition "Die 7 Hauptsünden" and the premiere of the composition "Die 4 Kardinaltugenden" in the rectory church St. Peter. Vienna, 09-09-13

courier-dialogue. marcus neustetter and walter stach.
Exhibition of all images and objects created in the framework of this project since 2011 in the NIROXprojects gallery / Johannesburg. Painting performance accompagnying Mpho Molikeng's live music. With the support of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and the Austrian Embassy Pretoria

C.D.F. in Johannesburg
Exhibition of the C.D.F. Series in the NIROXprojects gallery / Johannesburg

Musical and painting performance
One hour artistic dialogue with Mpho Molikeng (Lesotho) in moë. Vienna, 13-08-12

To Guest With Walter Stach
Recording of a talk conducted by Eva Kolm with W. S. In: "salon kulturvermittlung. Eine virtuelle Diskussion zu theoretischen Grundlagen der Kulturvermittlung in Österreich" [EN: In: "salon kulturvermittlung. A Virtual Discussion of Theoretical Structures of Art Mediation in Austria"]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxmIcVT0aGE&feature=player_embedded [DE]
Date of publication: 09-07-12

Transnational Modernism: The Gutai Art Association, Christo Coetzee and the Legacy of Abstract Expressionism in South Africa
Exhibition participation.
In collaboration with Marcus Neustetter. UJ Art Gallery. Johannesburg

Participation in the initiative supporting pupils and students aiming at studying and/or graduating from university as first ones in their family. Since 2012
Bettina Figl: Vom Gemeindebau an die Uni, WIENER ZEITUNG, 07-01-14 [.pdf DE]

Personal Memories ...
Speech at the opening of the exhibition "idee form figur. höhepunkte der sammlung sammer" [EN: "idea form figure, highlights of the Sammer Collection". Marble Hall of the Monastery Klosterneuburg


The Seven Capital Sins
First presentation of "Bosch I" and "Bosch II" on occasion of the world premiere of Thomas Ücel's composition "Die 7 Hauptsünden" in the parish church of St. Borromäus (St. Charles' Church). Vienna, 08-12-11,

Exhibition of 17 images from the series "courier-dialogue". In collaboration with Marcus Neustetter. Terra Hominibus. Vienna

Arts on Main und Mainstreet Life. An Art and Culture Complex in the City District Maboneng / Place of Lights
Presentation in the framework of the symposium "Johannesburg. Stadtentwicklung im Spannungsfeld sozialer Bedürfnisse und innovativer Ideen" [EN: "Johannesburg. Urban Development Between the Poles of Social Needs and Innovative Ideas"]. Host: SADOCC / Southern Africa Documentation and Cooperation Centre

Artist in Residence of the NIROX Foundation / South Africa
One month guest stay at the residency

Artist in Residence at Mainstreet Life / Johannesburg / South Africa
Contributions to the Mainstreet Life art collection

Visual remote-dialogue with Marcus Neustetter (Johannesburg / South Africa) supported by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria and the Austrian Embassy Pretoria


Dialogue Tower
Art performance on occasion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa in Johannesburg / Arts on Main

2008 / 2009

European Year on Creativity and Innovation [.pdf DE]
Exploratory and practical analysis on "Creativity and Innovation in Vocational and Initial Education". Survey on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture. In collaboration with Gabriele Stöger

Das (fast) vergessene Potential – Kreativität und Innovation in der Lehrlingsausbildung. ExpertInnentagung [.pdf DE]
[EN: The (Nearly) Forgotten Potential - Creativity and Innovation in Apprenticeship Training. Experts Conference]
Programme Development and Participation. In collaboration with Gabriele Stöger


Artist in Residence in Right on the Rim / Arts on Main / Johannesburg / South Africa
"Zulu" and "between the tracks" – painting performances and presentations in the framework of "public painting"
Exhibition of the "Vermeer Series" in the Right on the Rim Gallery / Johannesburg

2007 / 2008

public viewing - public painting
Art performance on occasion of the UEFA EURO 2008. In collaboration with Marcus Neustetter et al. Johannesburg / South Africa

Art in Social Housing Compounds

Concept for "90 YEARS MUNICIPAL HOUSING COMPOUND MARESCH-SIEDLUNG" / Vienna. In collaboration with Wolf Werdigier

Kunst im Bau
[EN: Art in Architecture]
Concept for the residential premises formerly called Wilhelm-Kaserne / Vienna. In collaboration with Peter Kainz

Kunst am Bau
[EN: Art within Architecture]
Design draft for the Appartment Towers / Wienerberg City. In collaboration with Peter Kainz

Concept for a mid-term artistic programme for Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz in Vienna, Mariahilf

Art Education of Apprentices
Project draft for "LINZ09". In collaboration with Christoph Cech, Stephan Maass, Doris Prenn

Last Pictures (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien) und Justitia (Palace of Justice, Vienna)
Exhibition drafts


Lettering of the dam Limbergsperre of the storage power plant Kaprun. Project concepts, lambda print and infoscreen installation in celebration of Elfriede Jelinek's 60th birthday

Sound-light-performance on the theme of death. Mozart's "Requiem" / flak tower Esterhazypark. Vienna


Project on local district culture. Project monitoring

Dabei – Words are Wounds – Walter der Vertraute. Walter der Busenfreund [.pdf DE]
[EN: There – Words are Wounds – Walter the Confidant. Walter the Bosom Friend]
Text Martin Kubaczek
on occasion of Walter Stach's 60th birthday


DER 6TE SINN. Stadt Teil Nehmen. Ein partizipatives soziokulturelles Vernetzungsprojekt im 6. Bezirk Wien.
[EN: THE 6TH SENSE. City Take Part. A Participative Socio-Cultural Networking Project in the 6th District of Vienna]
Project management. On behalf of IG Kultur Wien. In collaboration with Karoline Kindermann, the board of IG Kultur Wien and more than hundred project participants


Sätze wie Bilder
[EN: Sentences Just Like Images]
Dialogical notes on "Stillleben" [EN: "Still Life"] and "Blut" ["Blood"] in Josef Winkler's "Natura Morta". Nozawa / Japan

since 2004
free lance work for cultural and art projects


Visualizing project on the warehouses Weinviertel-Mitte. In collaboration with Peter Kainz. Not realized

2001 / 2002

Artist in Residence in Morro da Vagem / Brazil – Exhibition in Mosteiro Zen


IO – Zwölf digitale Metamorphosen zu Correggios „Jupiter und Io”
[EN: IO - Twelve Digital Metamorphoses on Corregio's "Jupiter and Io"]
Kunsthistorisches Museum / Theseustempel, Vienna
ÖBV-Atrium, Viennaphotos

Tribunal Against Jupiter

An improvised dramolet with Caspar Einem, Elfriede Hammerl, Udo Jesionek, Helene Klaar, Gernot Lechner, Christine-Ilsebill Barta-Diercks, Sonja Wohlatz. Theseustempel, Vienna. In collaboration with Anna Sporrer

Since then:
Father of Hannah Stach


Ein Abend der offenen Säle
[EN: An Evening of Open Ballrooms]
Mediation on the restored Redoutensäle. In collaboration with Sabine Hofmann and T.E.A.m
Opening speech Walter Stach. 28-11-97

[EN: Lies]
Coordination of the exhibition and communication project with / in 13 (Federal) Museums. In collaboration with T.E.A.m


Ludwig Sackmauer-Preis für Kunstvermittlung
[EN: Ludwig Sackmauer Award for Art Mediation]
In collaboration with Susanna Gruber, Anna Petschinka, Gabriele Stöger (Team EigenArt / museum)


Kunst am Damm
[EN: Art on the Dam]
Container installation beside Aspern Airfield. In collaboration with FELD


Eigentlich spreche ich ja eine andere Sprache, und trotzdem haben wir immer gut miteinander gesprochen – Dieter Schrage
[EN: Actually, I Do Speak Another Language And Nevertheless We've Always Talked Nicely With Each Other – Dieter Schrage]
Video. In collaboration with Michael Pilz. StadtFilmWerkstatt. St. Pölten


Exhibition participation. WUK. Vienna

Since 1972

Continuous management activities and participation in the implementation of artistic and socio-cultural projects, interventions, exhibitions, in collaboration with Barbara Gabriel et al. Foundation of the NGO EigenArt, an initiative aiming at labour policies and the installation of cultural-creative cooperations with psychiatry-close people; co-initiator and board member of the Anti-Apartheid-Movement in Austria; lay judge at the juvenile court in Vienna; in collaboration with Susanna Gruber, Anna Petschinka, Gabriele Stöger NGO EigenArt/museum – T.E.A.m; in collaboration with Gernot Lechner, Michael Egger, Sonja Mistelbachner, Kurt Sedlak, Werner Stolz Gruppe FELD [EN: Group FIELD]; 1988: in collaboration with Karl Kubaczek initiator of projects for art education of apprentices further developed and continued in diverse variations until today (i.e. "The Useful and the Foreign", "after five"); in collaboration with Sabine Hofmann, Klaus Wiesmüller, lege_artis – Verein zur Wahrnehmung von Kunst und Recht [EN: lege_artis – NGO for the Reception of Art and Law]; management of the NGO Büro für Kulturvermittlung [EN: Office for Art Mediation]

Books and other publications

Professional activities amongst others at secondary schools, Pedagogical Academy Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, University of Vienna, Museum moderner Kunst, Vienna, Museumspädagogischer Dienst [EN: Museum-Pedagogical Service], Büro für Kulturvermittlung [EN: Office of Cultural Education, Vienna], University of Klagenfurt

Stays abroad: Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, England, Fiji Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, USA

Works in various collections, among others in Brasilia, Dhaka, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Vienna

1967 – 1971

Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and at the University of Vienna


Born in Vienna

Walter Stach